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A bare window loses up to 10 times the amount of heat as an insulated wall of the same size during winter?
Correctly made and fitted curtains can reduce heat gains during summer by 65%?
A correctly made and fitted window treatment significantly reduces ultraviolet damage to furniture and carpets?
Correctly made and fitted curtains provide 90-100 % blackout during daylight hours and act as a buffer against outside noise?

At Furniture Plus Upholstery, we offer customised window treatments that are made to measure. Our product range includes:

  • Swags & Tails, Pelmets (plain and shaped)
  • Designer rods
  • Wrought Iron & wooden poles

All our window treatments are made locally in Australia.


Sheers can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Sheer curtains are very on trend at the moment. With beautiful sheers and soft linen fabrics in conjunction with wave fold tracks, the finished curtain will always be stunning. You can also add separate block out linings or blinds if you need to.

All our window treatments are made to measure for that perfect fit.

Our suppliers include Warwick, Zapel, Nettex and Basford Brands. If you find a fabric you love we can almost always access it.

Visit us in store or contact us via email or phone to arrange a free in-home consultation and quote.


Curtains don’t just frame a window, they can add style and character to any room. From traditional curtains or swags and tails to minimalist looks at Furniture Plus Upholstery we have all your needs covered.

We offer a wide range of top quality products at affordable prices to transform any room from dining to bedroom, man-cave to living, we have everything you need to create the perfect living space.

Visit us in store to speak with one of our team or contact us via phone or email to arrange a free in-home consultation and quote.


We make incredible pelmets ottomans and cushions to complement the fixtures and décor of any room. We work closely with you throughout the process and walk you through our extensive range of fabrics colours, patterns, and styles to truly personalise your home.

Why not add a little character to your room by adding upholstered pelmets to your windows. We make them for you here in Gawler. From the contemporary to the elegantly-shaped pelmets, everything we make can be customised to suit your home.

We manufacture tracking here in South Australia, to give you superior quality and a great fit.


All our tracking is manufactured here in SA. So rest assured the tracking you choose will meet the highest standards and fit perfectly every time.

From designer decorator rods to slimline tracks, wrought iron poles to wave fold tracks we have you covered with a wide range of colours and styles to choose from we can help you to create the look you will love.

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